No Cement: With no cement in the product, the corrosion commonly found in precast concrete manholes isn’t a factor. The old limitations that existed in manhole coatings and lined manholes are eliminated by using a polymer concrete manhole. The issues of cracking, damage, delaminated welding or lining containment are no longer a concern.

Corrosion Resistance: Polymer concrete products are extremely resistant to sewer gases and hot soil conditions. Every part of our mix: resin, sand, aggregate, and fiberglass rebar reinforcement. our Polymer concrete mix can be modified to address specific corrosive materials. Should chipping or cracking occur, the element remains intact as the material is non-porous and is consistent throughout the wall thickness.

Installation Benefits: Installation is similar to that of a traditional concrete manhole. Armorock Polymer concrete products allow for easy handling and reduced labor because high strength material allows for a thinner wall design than traditional concrete and consequently less weight. No need for the welding of linings or coating of product.

Product Strength: The material properties of the patentED ARMOROCK polymer concrete manhole and structure adhere to the material properties specified in ASTM D6783 (Standard for Polymer CONCRETE Pipe). Due to high compressive and flexural strengths ARMOROCK POLYMER CONCRETE STRUCTURES can be made with thinner walls. OUR PRODUCT HAS COMPRESSIVE BREAKS exceeding 15,000 PSI and Flexural Breaks exceeding 3,000 PSI. much stronger than traditional concrete

ODOR CONTROL: A common theme we hear back from our customers is a reduction in the odor common with sewers when our manholes are installed. the "Rotten EGG SMELL" is downgraded. with polymer concrete having nothing that the bacteria in the sewer can feed on, and a smooth wall profile, we believe that there is little to no bacterial growth in these structures, thereby causing odor reduction, and making a lot of happy customers.

Watch our video below to see the power of Armorock Polymer Concrete