With hundreds of owners using Armorock, it adds up to thousands of polymer concrete structures being put in around the country. Cities, counties, districts, and others have raised their sights on sustainability in their corrosive environments. Found below are some quotes from our loyal customer base. For specific references, please contact your local Armorock representative.

"I had issues for years in my sewer lines with corrosion. Nothing worked. I put in the ARMOROCK™ manholes and they've held up wonderfully. It's been great to see them be accepted around the country and helping other owners just like me."-Randy, Salt Lake City, UT

"We have struggled with coatings for years, but we just tolerated it. When I saw Armorock, I knew that we had a winning solution walk through our door. I'm grateful to have them as a partner for my corrosion issues."- Tom, Las Vegas, NV

"It's not everyday that a product shows up that truly fills a need, especially in wastewater engineering. Polymer concrete with Armorock appears to me to be the future of structures in wastewater systems around the country."- Scott, Minneapolis, MN

"In my opinion, it's foolish for someone to compare all other products on the market providing corrosion protection to polymer concrete. It's hands down the first viable solution in structures for corrosive environments. Rigid, structural, and inert. What more could you want as an engineer?" -Mike, Las Vegas, NV

"From a contractor's perspective, these are so easy to install and handle, it makes my crews more efficient. Plus, I get to help out the owners I work for by providing them with a product that lasts 10 times as long as what they've put in previously."- Trent, Los Angeles, CA

"I've been impressed by the customer service provided by the Armorock team. All my needs were met quickly and they're always ready and willing to help me with the problems that I face. It's great to have a manufacturer try to help you solve your issues."-Ricardo, El Paso, TX

"Anybody that asks about polymer concrete, I tell them that it's like dealing with the Apple computers of sewer manholes. I know this is going to be a BIG DEAL."-Darren, Dallas, TX

“I love seeing the armorock guys causing such major disruption! the other inferior products lose their minds when they hear the name armorock, so that tells me their product is really changing the industry.I highly recommend the product and the company.”-Brent, phoenix, az