Structural Rehabilitation Manhole Inserts

The Future of Corrosion Proof Structures

Video: Rehab Insert Introduction

Armorock™ Manhole Rehabilitation Inserts

Armorock Structural Rehabilitation Inserts provide the owner with the polymer concrete material they love, while reducing excavation and eliminating bypass of a line. This method of sleeving a polymer concrete structural insert in existing manholes guarantees the owner a longer lasting product than going in for a coated or lined rehabilitation.

Video: Rehabilitation Insert Install

Installation Process

  1. Excavate the area around the manhole to provide for removal of the existing cone and castings while preventing soil and debris from falling into the manhole. After removing the cone section power-wash the debris off the sides of the existing corroded manhole.
  2. After repairing any active leaks, make repairs necessary to the existing manhole bench and inverts. Prepare the invert and bench for polymer concrete insert installation. Saw cut the polymer riser section to accommodate pipe entry and bench slopes as needed.
  3. The prepared bench area and the shimmed riser section are leveled to provide a clean and level surface to receive the appropriate amount of bench restoration. Bench restoration can be done using Armorock Grout. Armorock Grout is a non-corroding polymer concrete grout. If a cementitious grout is used, the owner may want to require a coating over the grout to protect from corrosion. Armorock provides epoxy kits for the contractor to coat the bench themselves. No additional surface coating is required as the riser sections are structural and corrosion resistant throughout.
  4. After the initial bottom Riser is in place, the remaining riser sections and cone are installed using the appropriate wall alignment guides.
  5. After the cone section has been placed, fill the remaining annular space between the new polymer concrete structural insert and old manhole with a grout/mixed fill, stabilized sand or stone. We recommend a one-sack slurry backfill. Backfill material shall be subject to approval by engineer / owner.
  6. Install grade rings and casting as per owners specifications.
  7. Finish backfilling and surface preparation as required.