We appreciate your interest in the Armorock Pilot Test Program. This program has been used extensively throughout the United States, as we are "putting our money where our mouth is". Essentially, the program is as follows:

  • Armorock™ will provide the requesting municipality with free polymer concrete material for an installation of their choice. The free material will be only that material that is fabricated by Armorock™.

  • The pilot installation can be either a rehabilitation manhole or a new manhole installation. We would ask for a 48" or 60" manhole.

  • The municipal entity will have to provide Armorock™ with proof of qualification and demonstrate that the product is genuinely being considered for product evaluation and possible near future use in their system on upcoming projects or approval.

  • The material available for the pilot program will be either 48” or 60” in diameter manholes (new manhole install) – or 41” or 53” diameter rehabilitation manhole sleeves. Should the owner choose a larger size install the owner will be credited $5,000.00 and charged for the larger structure.

  • Armorock™ will provide the installing contractor with an installation submittal package to be approved by the municipality.

  • Armorock™ will provide personnel on site to advise and insure that installation criteria and municipal requirements are adhered to.

  • Armorock™ personnel will make themselves available to meet with the installing contractor to explain installation procedures and to help coordinate with municipality.

  • Cost covered by Owner / Contractor:

    • Freight to jobsite

    • Any external joint wrap, mastic or gaskets

    • All boots and or special pipe connectors

    • Any external pedestal base extensions

    • Expanded Polypropylene Grade Rings

    • Cast Iron Ring and Cover

    • AND all other related expenses in regards to the installation of this pilot manhole

 Initiating the pilot program is as easy as phoning your local Armorock™ representative or calling the corporate offices at 702-824-9702. The information listed in the following sheets will give you some idea of the requirements or tasks that we will try to fulfill prior to project commencement. Armorock™ understands that every municipal entity has its own criteria for product evaluation and acceptance. Consequently, Armorock™ products will work with the owner to facilitate any product changes necessary to move toward product acceptance and specify a truly sustainable polymer concrete sewer manhole.