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At Armorock, we are leading the way for companies to learn more about and start using polymer concrete products in their projects. Polymer concrete offers corrosion proof protection in highly corrosive environments. Some of our polymer concrete offerings include manholes, lift stations and more.

We have curated several photos from recent projects below to help you see Armorock polymer concrete products in action. 

If you’d like to learn more about Armorock’s polymer concrete offerings, check out our video gallery to quickly learn more about Armorock and the benefits of using polymer concrete structures.

Armorock Box Installed
Armorock manhole during installation
Armorock Polymer Concrete Pump Station
stack of Armorock manholes
Armorock Junction Box
installed Armorock concrete structure
Armorock structure being installed
polymer concrete manhole installed in ground
Armorock structure leaving the plant
Armorock Lift Station Install
Armorock Box SATX
Armorock Junction Box
Armorock polymer concrete materials on job site
precast polymer concrete manhole by Armorock being installed

If you would like to see more of Armorock Polymer Concrete in action, or stay up to date with the latest Armorock updates, please follow the Armorock LinkedIn company page. We post to our LinkedIn page often, and love to share current images and stories from our fabulous clients.