Wastewater Lift Stations, Pump Stations, Wet wells

The Future of Corrosion Proof Structures

Armorock lift station installation

12′ diameter lift station, 42′ deep.

Armorock™ Lift Stations

  • Polymer Concrete Lift stations are available in 48″-192″ inside diameter.
  • Custom bottoms and pipe penetrations are easily accommodated to fit any pump suppliers requirements, basin sizes, and other custom needs utilizing our monolithic casting system.

  • Armorock holds up to the intense corrosive environments found in pump stations, wet wells, dry wells, and other types of structures.

  • Armorock’s Polymer Concrete material carries a 50 year corrosion warranty

If you would like to see an example of our Armorock Lift Station, please click one of the links below.