Lifecycle Cost

Asset Management: Lifecycle Cost Analysis

When making funding decisions under constrained budgets, it is tempting to place high importance on the up-front costs and pay little attention to costs in the future, but this is a shortsighted vision. A poor choice today can be amplified in future decades as the inflexible and long life nature on infrastructure can create unaffordable requirements in the future. With the focus of funding shifting toward system preservation, greater use of LCCA can ensure sustainability of future budgets and better management of our vital infrastructure.

polymer concrete manhole life cycle cost graphic

That last bid I put together for... I found something that I thought was interesting while doing an actual side by side comparison on installing a manhole over an 18” line or larger that would require a coating and all the costs associated with it. Going with an Armorock manhole, even though the base/risers are a little more for material, it ends up being cheaper once you consider the coating that’s required on the concrete manholes and then the additional bypass time needed for this process. And given the issues with coatings, it really makes more sense to go with an Armorock manhole. Interesting side by side comparison I got to see from a contractor's point of view.