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Manhole Installation Process

Video: Polymer Concrete Install

Video: Polymer Concrete Install

Armorock™ Polymer Concrete Riser Rings & Structures

Installation of a new Armorock polymer concrete manhole or structure is similar to that of a standard storm drain manhole with a precast base, riser sections and cone or slab top. There is no field application of coatings as the product comes corrosion proof. Installation is as follows below:

  1. Polymer concrete manhole arrives on project job-site and is offloaded and inspected.
  2. Precast base is prepared as required for placement in properly excavated and compacted hole. Pipe connections are booted to the polymer concrete manhole in the standard manner or are attached with a coupler as required for retro-fitting.
  3. Precast based is lowered into hole and appropriate pipe connections are made.
  4. Riser sections are added as required for stack out.
  5. Cone section or slab top is added as determined by stack out.
  6. After completing stack out, back fill with normal material used in concrete manholes as required.
  7. Add grade rings and casting to grade as required by specifications.
After Step 7, installation is complete.