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With hundreds of owners using Armorock, it adds up to thousands of polymer concrete structures being put in around the country. From commercial development to the spread of residential neighborhoods, there is no shortage of people looking for a better, more durable product.

There is not a lack of adoption, excitement, and growth of the use of Armorock around the United States as well as beyond. People are valuing sustainability more and more, and being aware of total material cost of ownership rather than a mentality of “whatever is cheapest up front”. Armorock has served this mindset for many of our customers, with the impact of these specification decisions impacting millions of people and the infrastructure they use everyday.

Various cities, counties, districts, and others have been inspired by the already prevalent sustainability movement to take a more targeted approach in their own communities. One of the best places for them to make improvements is in their corrosive environments. Armorock polymer concrete products help them combat corrosion and increase the sustainability of their projects. Ending the rehab cycle in manholes and other structures is a cause that Armorock is committed to because #corrosionsucks. 

Learn more about Armorock and some of our partners projects below. For specific references, please contact your local Armorock representative.

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