Polymer Concrete Manholes & Structures by Armorock

Armorock is the lowest cost, longest lasting, wastewater structure in the industry, offering an unprecedented 50-year corrosion warranty. Step away from precast concrete and other “band-aids” and utilize corrosion proof polymer concrete on your next project.

What is Armorock?

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3


Armorock is a proven, structural solution made of polymer concrete to eliminate corrosion found in today’s sanitary sewer collection systems, and other corrosive environments. The world’s leading manufacturer of polymer concrete structures, Armorock brings decades of experience in the infrastructure space to solve your problems. It’s time to leave structure rehabilitation behind and start a rehab free future with Armorock Polymer Concrete.


Armorock’s material is a technologically advanced polymer concrete that incorporates resin as the binding agent along with corrosion proof sand, aggregate, and FRP rebar to form a polymer concrete structure. Nothing else comes close. This material holds up in all manner of corrosive environments, both acidic and basic. Precast concrete with it’s variety of coatings, liners, and admixtures cannot compare.


Armorock polymer concrete structures provides owners with an unprecedented 50 year corrosion warranty, making it the most economical and durable solution in the industry. Put in Armorock, and say goodbye to spending future maintenance dollars on manhole and structure rehabilitation. Manholes, Pump Stations, Custom Structures, Boxes, Inserts, we do it all!

Why Polymer Concrete?

Corrosion Proof

Here’s the problem, simplified. Hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) oxidizes to sulfuric acid, creating acid corrosion in wastewater systems. Some companies call this process MIC (Microbial Induced Corrosion). The acid attacks concrete manholes, lift stations, pump stations, and other structures. Once corrosion begins, the integrity of the collection system asset infrastructure is threatened and compromised. All across the country, corrosion is destroying wastewater structures. Fortunately, there is a proven solution: Armorock Polymer Concrete.


manhole failure due to corroded concrete

Asset Management: Lifecycle Cost Analysis

polymer concrete manhole life cycle cost graphic

Perform Your Own LCAA

When making funding decisions under constrained budgets, it is tempting to place high importance on the up-front costs and pay little attention to costs in the future, but this is a shortsighted vision. A poor choice today can be amplified in future decades as the inflexible and long life nature on infrastructure can create unaffordable requirements in the future. With the focus of funding shifting toward system preservation, greater use of LCCA can ensure sustainability of future budgets and better management of our vital infrastructure. Armorock Polymer Concrete is the lowest cost, longest lasting solution on the market. None of the other “band-aid” products come close.

Break the Corrosion Rehabilitation Cycle

The Problem:
Corroded Precast Concrete

corroded manhole failure

The Solution:
Armorock Polymer Concrete

precast polymer concrete manhole by Armorock being installed

Traditional concrete structures made with cement corrode in H2S and other corrosive environments. Doesn’t matter what coating, liner, or admixture you use with a concrete structure, it is going to fail over time. So why install a corrodible manhole in a system that is deemed corrosive? Simply stated, with Armorock polymer concrete, you get completely inert structures. Now the industry has a solution to break the cycle of corrosion. No more band-aid products that fall short of being a solution to the actual problem. After all, #corrosionsucks, so why continue dealing with it?

The Armorock Difference

Armorock is the lowest cost, longest lasting, wastewater structure in the industry, offering an unprecedented 50-year corrosion warranty.